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Friday, July 9, 2010


This was my idea for a plantable plant stand to put my Strawberry Jar on.

And here’s what it would be with the Strawberry Jar on top.

Scroll down to see how it turned out.
I was not real pleased with either the process or the outcome, but it’ll do for now if you don’t look too close.

So, here’s what went wrong:

I thought the half pails would fit as nicely in this as the bottles did on the Strawberry JarTHEY  DID NOT! There were big gaps on the bottom corners, so caulking was not going to work.

On to plan B. 
I thought I would use expanding foam. Says it’s paintable, so it should work, right? WRONG! It was nice and smooth as it expanded, but when it got trimmed off, there were many airholes in the stuff. Maybe I should have followed with the caulk, but this was getting too labor intensive, not to mention costly if I did that, so I didn’t.

Sprayed it with primer for plastic and this step seemed to go ok. Next I followed with a coat of Rustoleum textured spray paint. BAD CHOICE! This did not cover well or even enough for the whole project.

On to plan C. 
I brushed on Rustoleum hammered paint that I had left over from another project. This looks good at the moment, but not sure how it will hold up over the plastic primer. Time will tell.

So, if you look from a distance it appears ok, but on close scrutiny it doesn’t meet muster.

Final thought on what I learned; I’m going back to brush on painting, for several reasons:
#1 Spray paint is more expensive.
#2 Spray paint doesn’t go as far or cover as well without many coats.
#3 Spraying hurts my finger; even the trigger kind or adapter is not comfortable after awhile.
So, there you have it, one of my failures less than perfect experiments.



  1. I like the idea of the larger strawberry stand..got me to thinking...thanks!

  2. WOW! Of all my projects for people to read and comment on, I never thought it would be the one I thought was kind of a flop.

  3. That's a really cute planter!

  4. Hi Tru-

    This came out great - adding to create height and painting it. I love Rustoleums hammered spray paints. I have used the Bronze on stuff inside and outside my home.
    I sent this posts link to a friend of mine who loves strawberry pots. I know she will love it.
    My best- Diane


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