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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I need a different place to put my plants, when I bring them in for the winter. Last winter, the suspended ceiling buckled under the weight of the hanging plants.....AT MIDNIGHT!!!!! What a rude awakening that was! So, when I showed hubby what I had in mind for putting my plants on this year, he was all for it.

Here is my inspiration:

Sorry, this is the closest I can get you to this one.
You have to scroll down for it.

This one comes from 

Anyway, here's my design

Mine will be painted green, because it will be in the dining room and that's the color scheme there.
I just finished procuring all the tables I needed and hope to get this project finished before the snow flies, so we can have the garage back. First we have to finish the train/activity table.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This is the design I have in mind for Henry's Train/Activity Table.

Jessica will get baskets to slide through on the bottom shelf, to hold toys.
We are still trying to decide if it should have casters on the bottom to roll the whole table around. 
What do you think, Jessica? Do you want casters?

I was thinking for Christmas, maybe I would make a reversible town/farm insert to go with this. 

Some thing like this...
Town & Country Road Carpets Set of 4
Only painted on hardboard or plywood.
Or, maybe I'll paint it on indoor outdoor carpeting, but I think the board idea would work better for "driving " cars or trains on.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So my potato tower has gotten a resurgence. In fact there are more flowers on now than there were before. As I need some potatoes, I just dig a couple out, and leave the rest. I figure until it get too col, the best place for them is in the ground. They are elevated, so are well drained and should not rot in the ground where they are situated. I am; however, getting a little anxious to break that baby open!