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Thursday, January 6, 2011


This a crocheted  recipe card holder to put on the fridge or other metallic place. I made this for a dear lady who is the mother of a friend of ours and makes us kringles several times a year. They are delicious, and I have been unable to duplicate her recipe.

I got my inspiration for the base from this teapot coaster.

I just used the coaster pattern, but it is meant to be part of a square for an afghan. The directions can be found at this forum, but I'll reprint the coaster directions here for simplicity. 
Sorry, but the lady who developed the pattern decided she did not want me to reprint the pattern after all, but link to it on her forum, so you can find the pattern HEREI am nothing if not cooperative.

The pattern is
“Vicki’s Teatime” 
12” Crochet Square 
And Teapot Coasters 
Copyright © 01-29-06 All Rights Reserved 
Kathy Hudgins, Designer 

This is how I made the rest of it:
I took apart a spring type clothespin and painted the wood part with acrylic paint. - I used the color linen. 
Then I wrote RECIPES on the front section and drew a little flower with a paint pen.
I threaded the metal spring into the teapot coaster and then reassembled the clothespin, with a wooden section on each side. 
I glued a small magnet to the back with tacky glue. 
That's it. Easy Peasy!

Have a tasty day!



  1. How very cute. My MIL loves teapots, so I just might have to make this for her. It would make a lovely Mother's Day gift. Please stop by my blog http://mocrochet.blogspot.com to pick up an award.

  2. Hi, it's me, the designer. I am so sorry for what happened back when you first posted this pattern of mine. You are more than welcome to link to my page and welcome to post this anyway you would like to. Forgive me, I just did not know how all this worked back then.
    Thank you for your post and for your kind words


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