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Friday, January 7, 2011


I made these gift baskets for some friends for Christmas, but they would be appropriate at any time of year I think.

Here's what's in them.
 Apothecary type jars of sprinkles, toasted pecans, and mini M&M's.
Homemade strawberry, pineapple, and hot fudge sauce.
An ice cream scoop and 2 bowls with a vinyl ice cream sundae cutout, I made with my silhouette.

I was going to add 2 bananas, but when I bought them they were green and looked good. After a couple of days ripening, they started looking crappy, with brown bruising areas on them, so I figured the baskets would look better without them. 

The baskets were up in my junk room and I cleaned them up, whitewashed them with some thinned down acrylic paint ,and sponged some gold paint on for accent. One of the baskets was an old Easter basket, so I cut the handle down and glued it into the weaving with super glue. The pink and green showed through the whitewash a little, but I think it just gave it more character. I added some frayed fabric in the bottom of each basket, filled them with the goodies and wrapped them up. The cellophane wrap is some that I bought more than 5 years ago at a white elephant store. I got a whole roll for $1.00 and usually use it at least once for a gift each Christmas. I still have at least half of it left, so I'm good for another few years. The ribbon was left over from my middle daughter's wedding.
They turned out pretty nice, but I'm not sure how long the vinyl is going to last through washing.

Have a sweet day!


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