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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


These are the tools I got for Christmas.
I got the Dremel trio, which I hope works good and doesn't break bits, like I've read in some reviews. I will  have to settle with reading the user manual for now, since it's too cold to work outside or in the garage. I will be so prepared, that when the time comes, I can get to it and use that baby!

I also got  a Double Edge Pull Saw. Not the one I had on my Amazon list, but that was just for reference anyway. Doesn't matter to me the brand, just the fact that it has a flexible blade, so you can cut stuff off flush and not leave scarring on the project. This is an Irwin and the blade removes from the handle for storage. Very Cool!

See that big thing in the back I used as a background? That's the fancy schmansy router table I bought for Gary! I can't wait til we can set it up and use it. I say we, 'cause I've watched so many woodworking shows and it looks so cool that I want to try my hand at using a big router. On Gary's cheapy table I bought him years ago, it just didn't seem to work as easily as they show on TV. Even he didn't care for it. Funny thing, a few weeks before Christmas, Gary needed to rout something and of course, didn't want to use the one he had, so he called his brother and asked if he had a router table. Luckily he did, so I didn't have to pony up Gary's Christmas present ahead of time.

I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can use them. It's times like these, I wish we had a full basement.


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