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Friday, June 18, 2010


Here's my horseradish plants. I planted roots 3 years ago, in the spring. This is the first year after harvesting and replanting. The first year I did not harvest any and left the roots alone. Last fall, I harvested the roots and planted back several of the smaller roots like I read to do. So, this year, this is what I got.


  1. I have never tried to grow horseradish. It sounds like it may take a bit of time (a few seasons) to get optimal produce. I LOVE horseradish. Grated fresh horseradish with Prime Rib... nothing better in my book!

  2. You know, I might have been able to harvest that first year, but I wanted to make sure it was established good. I think I got 4 (10oz) jars when I did harvest, plus I think I wasted some, 'cause I wanted to get done. It can get quite pungent. Anyway I gave one jar to my daughter one in the fridge and 2 in the freezer.


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