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Saturday, June 12, 2010



Hi there friends!  Rayan - the Frugal Designer here to tell you that your Blogger has been kidnapped...by me!  Not to worry, it's only temporary, I promise to return them shortly and in one piece!  I hope you will come visit them over at my site, I know they would love to see you all and I would be honored to have you as well!  See you soon..Xx Rayan!

Tru here:
"I will be guest blogging on  The Frugal Designer tonight at 9PM CST, my time, (7PM PST)                                                          

Please pop on over and see me. While you're there, check out her site The Frugal Designer
It's one of those blogs that has a lot to offer; not just her own projects, but she also showcases other bloggers' projects as well. She is certainly helping me to get recognized by other bloggers."


  1. hi tru! hopped over from fd to say that potato project was so cool! wow! i can't believe it is working, too. how great that you can plant groceries and come up with more.... do you think if i make a "pillsbury cinnamon roll tower" that will happen? ;)

  2. Cassie, wouldn't that be nice! And I'd like to plant a money tree too!


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