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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Tuesday Tag-Along


Here are this week’s questions!

1. What is your natural hair color?
My natural hair color started out as white blonde when I was a toddler and darkened as I grew older. I would say now it is dark dark blonde to light brown with quite a lot of salt and pepper. Of course you only see this between dye jobs, which I am in need of NOW!

2. Which do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?
That's a tough one. I guess sunsets would edge out sunrises, just because they are usually prettier. Plus, I don't have to get up early to see them!

3.  What is the first thing you notice about people?
I'm sorry to say, but usually the first thing I notice about people is their smile, or rather their TEETH. I have this thing about nice looking teeth I guess. Maybe, it's because I have a discolored tooth in front and I'm self-conscious about that. Who Knows?!?

4.  Do you prefer talking or texting on your cell phone? 
I prefer TALKING! I HATE texting and I find it annoying when people are constantly texting when you're trying to have a conversation. (tell me how you really feel! LOL!!) Mostly though, I prefer not to be on the phone too long at all!

5. What size of shoes do you wear?
Gee, thanks a lot for that one. I come from a long line of BIGFOOTS! I wear a size 10. But, as the saying goes, "They don't build good foundations under S**thouses!"

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  1. Lovw the big foot comment! I am related to a bunch of big footed people through marriage and my children have inherited the gene. They are too cute with their big feet.. the only down side is that my daughter and I will NOT be able to share shoes! Cute blog!

  2. Hello! Thanks for tagging along this week at the Tuesday Tag-Along blog hop! I'm a follower of your blog! :)


  3. Hi! I am a new follower from Tag along Tuesday

    Hope you can stop by and visit my blog!

    Have a great week!

  4. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hop!!!

    Hope you'll come visit & follow me back soon.
    Lisa xoxo
    Raising Future Leaders

  5. Hi Tru, your answer to shoe size was funny. I noticed you changed your design a little bit. It looks very nice. I recently changed mine too.

    Hope your having a GREAT day!

  6. @ Maria, I just can't leave things well enough alone. I will probably always find something I like different, but for now it's good.

  7. Hello fellow bigfoot!! I have to tell you, I did find the CUTEST pair of flats that actually make my feet look TINY!! They were at Macy's for $30 and they're by Jessica Simpson. LOVE them!

    oh, and blogger is hating right now. My actual blog is www.craftwithme.typepad.com even though this will link you to my old blogger one.

  8. I am so glad some one has a big foot like me! I agree we do have a lot in common. My hair has went through the exact say stages as yours. Thanks for linking up to Hoo are you!

  9. Pretty funny answers! Life is like this, huh? Thanks for sharing today.

  10. I hate texting when someone is talking to me, I always feel that people should feel the same when I'm talking to them. Although if they walk in half way through a text, they will probably have to wait till I'm done.

    Totally understand about the big feet thing though!


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