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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have been making these slippers for years. First for myself and my kids and now for the grandkids. Some of my adult children still ask for some for Christmas.

These are the ones I've made so far for this Christmas. 3 1/2 pair - I still have 1 1/2 pair to make.

I don't remember exactly where I got the pattern, but it was from some crochet pattern book, back in the 80's I think. I've been recopying it for years and finally put my copy in a plastic page protector, so I don't wear it out.
You know when the felt liners in winter boots wear out? These make good replacement liners. They are thick since they are made from a double strand of yarn.
Check back after Christmas and I'll show you what else I make with just one of these slippers.

So, here's the pattern.

Slipper Socks

Men's:  Fits shoe sizes 8-12
Materials: Worsted weight yarn. 8 oz; size J crochet hook (Canadian size 3) or size needed for gauge.
Gauge: in sc, with 2 strands of yarn. 5 sts and  5 rows = 2".

Women's:  Fits shoe sizes 5-10
Materials: Worsted weight yarn, 8 oz. size I crochet hook (Canadian size 4) or size needed for gauge.
Gauge: in sc, with 2 strands of yarn, 3 sts and 3 rows = - 1".

Children's: Fits shoe sizes 9-12
Materials: Sport weight yarn. 4 oz., size I crochet hook (Canadian size 4) or size needed for gauge.
Gauge: in sc. with 2 strands of yarn, 3 sts and 7 rows = 1".

Size Note: Instructions are written for children s size with changes for women's and men's in parentheses.

Note:    All Sizes are worked with 2 strands of yarn.


Rnd 1: Ch 2, work 5 sc info 2nd ch from hook to form a circle. Mark last st of this rnd with a pin, then move pin to mark the end of each succeeding rnd.

Rnd 2: Work 3 sc into each sc around: you should have 15 sc.

Rnd 3: * 2 sc in first sc, sc in each of next 2 sc, rep from * around:  20 Sc.

Rnd 4: For men's and women's sizes only. * 2 sc in first sc, sc in each of the next 3sc, rep from * around 25 sc.
Work even on 20 (25-25) sc for 12 (12-14) rnds more. Do not finish off.
Back: Ch 11.

Row 1: Using both loops, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each of next  9 ch; sc in each of next 20 (25 - 25) sc; sc in each ch on opposite side of beg ch; ch 1, trun.
You should have 40 (45-45) sc.

From now on, sc in the back loop (loop away from you) of each sc. 

Rows 2-9: Sc in back loop of each sc across; ch 1, turn.

Dec Row 1: Sc in each of next 18 (20-20) sc, dec over next 2 sts as follows: draw up a loop in each of the next 2 sts: 3 loops on hook, YO and pull through all 3 loops on hook, work 0 (1-1) sc, dec as before over next 2 sts, sc in each of next 18 (20-20) sc, ch 1, turn.

Dec Row 2: Sc in each of next 17 (19-19) sc, dec over next 2 sts, work 0 (1-1) sc, dec, sc in each of next 17 (19 -19) sc, ch 1, turn.

Dec Row 3: Sc in each of next 16 (18-18) Sc, dec, work 0 (1-1) Sc, dec, sc in each of next 16 (18-18) sc; ch 1, turn.

Finishing: Fold back section in half, carefully matching sts. Sl St inside loops of sides tog. Finish off 

And  Have  A Wonderful Homemade Christmas!

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  1. These look perfect for my family in the mainland. Thank you!!!

  2. Cute slippers! Thanks for the pattern!

  3. New follower - great blog! I love crochet slippers - making them and wearing them. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern with us :D

  4. I taught myself how to crochet last year. I will definitely try these. Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I am your latest follower. I would love it if you would follow me back. Thanks.

  5. These look like more work than my wreath! :) Very cozy looking!

    I can crochet, but I usually end up giving up on it becaue my lines don't stay straight!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  6. I can't crochet or knit to save my life but those are so cute and look really cozy!

  7. Oh they look so pretty and cozy!

  8. My mom used to make these for us, and now that she is gone, I would like to make them for my brothers and sisters. Since I haven't crotcheted in awhile, I'm confused on round 4 when it says work even 20 (25-25)... Please help me

    1. Forget it everyone - I have it figured out - made my first pair - using camouflaged thread - my son loves them - and they do look just like the one's my mom used to make -

  9. My mom always made these, but since she is gone, I would like to recreate for my brothers and sisters...since I haven't crocheted In awhile, I'm confused on round 4 when it says work even on 20 (25-25). Will you further explain? Thank you!

  10. Do you have any suggestions for adding a non-slip sole to these? I'm afraid the kids will fall on hardwood or ceramic floors with these, but I know they'll love and wear them! Great pattern!
    Many thanks!

    1. You could try some Puffy paint. I did that on some fabric slippers. Or... possibly some silicon sealant or caulk. Do a google search; there are a lot of creative people out there with ideas.

    2. Here's a good one. It lists several methods AND explains how to do the puffy paint method! I prefer strips to dots...but that's just personal preference.

    3. Did you have a link you were trying to put in here?

  11. Best. Pattern. Ever. I would like to make some for a baby 6 - 12 months and chance you could do a pattern for them?
    I have made a few for friends adult sizes and they love them.

    1. I have made these for infants by using only 1 strand and a smaller hook, with the children's pattern. I think I used a size G hook. You'll have to experiment a little, to get the size you want; that's what I did. Good luck!


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